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Used bleachers for sale in Orlando, FL
Indoor retractable bleachers Orlando, Florida


Always check with local codes when purchasing bleachers. Below is a list of safety codes that relate to bleachers.




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Used Bleachers - Orlando, FL

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Contact Information

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Phone 407-826-9075
Alt Phone 407-948-3712


Orlando, FL


Rows 11
Owner' Description:

For Sale Custom High End Modular Seating Risers / Bleachers Structurally engineered, signed, stamped and sealed and have been used and inspected in Florida and Texas. They set up extremely quickly and can be used over and over for a temporary show or they can be used as a permanent installation. I have 2 identical systems available that are 11 rows deep and 40 feet wide and easily hold 200+ people each, the systems can be merged to create up to 80' long to hold 400+ or any increment of 8' wide. We could quickly manufacture the components to add a 4' bay giving the option of up to 84' in any increment of 4'. If needed that would hold up to 450PPL. By adding a ground row of chairs/ Wheelchairs in front you hit 475 PPL. These are great systems and built to last a lifetime. They were designed for a specific show and now that it has come to an end, my loss can be your gain if you act fast. The units can be used with just aluminum rails for quick sporting events and corporate etc. as well as installed as a high end movie theater applications by adding the solid walls, stair lighting and single permanent style handrail. As mentioned I am extremely motivated to sell at least 1 set of the 33 x 40 x 11 row systems for $30,000 or will sell both sets that will integrate together in any increment of 8’ x 11 rows for a deeply discounted price of $50,000 Seats in Photo one possibly also available for additional cost in doing high end permanent install. Feel free to call for any additional information.

Length 80'
Seat Material NA Riser Only
Understructure Material Aluminum
ADA (handicap seating) Yes
Aisles Yes
Age 4 yrs
Condition Excellent
Price $50,000


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